Car Lifts: Frequently Asked Questions

por Jessica Roddy en February 05, 2024

Car lifts are essential tools that every repair shop needs. Whether you're a car enthusiast working in your home garage, or working in a large repair shop, it's crucial to equip yourself with knowledge about vehicle lifts. Here are common FAQs customers often have when exploring options for vehicle lifts.

  1. Two Post vs. Four Post Lifts:

    • What is the difference between two post and four post lifts, and which one should I get?
    • Answer: The choice depends on how you plan to use the auto lift. For vehicle storage with the option to park another vehicle underneath, a four post lift is recommended. It has two steel tracks running the length of the vehicle, lifting by the wheels, allowing for simultaneous tasks like oil changes and brake work. However, for repairs, consider two post lifts, which lift the vehicle at four points on the frame, providing complete access to the underside, including wheels.
  2. Lift Capacity:

    • What lift capacity do I need?
    • Answer: Determine the lift capacity based on the type of lift you need and the vehicles you'll be servicing. For commercial use lifting various makes and models, choose a capacity 25-30% higher than your heaviest vehicle.
  3. Ceiling Height:

    • How high does the ceiling need to be?
    • Answer: For storage lifts, measure the height of the two vehicles you'll be parking. For two post lifts, measure your ceiling. Consider overhead two post lifts for unobstructed floors but ensure a minimum 12 feet tall ceiling.
  4. Concrete Thickness:

    • How thick does the concrete have to be?
    • Answer: Most lifts require at least 4 inches of thickness at 3,000 PSI on a full slab.
  5. Unloading the Lift:

    • How do I unload the lift?
    • Answer: Unloading a heavy lift weighing between 700-2,000 pounds requires a forklift, tractor, or backhoe.
  6. Additional Purchases:

    • What else needs to be purchased besides the lift?
    • Answer: Purchase at least 3 gallons of hydraulic oil. For two post lifts, floor mounting hardware, power unit, and truck adapters are included, while four post lifts are free-standing.
  7. Installation Difficulty:

    • How simple/difficult is the installation?
    • Answer: The technical installation is straightforward, but it typically requires at least 2 people. Larger models may need more people and possibly a forklift. Complete installation, including technical hookup, shouldn't take more than 6 hours.
  8. Shipping Costs and Services:

    • How much will you charge to ship my vehicle lift?
    • Answer: Shipping costs depend on the product's price. Ensure you have the right equipment to unload and install the lift, as these services are not included. Inquire about international shipping options.

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